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Buying a vacation home is a wise decision. And Zillah Lakes is the place to be in the Yakima Valley Wine Country of Washington State.

Homes Available for Sale Now

The Zillah Lakes Home Center is now selling several beautiful homes on prime waterfront lots at Zillah Lakes. The homes are currently rented, but available for sale to interested buyers, so walk-throughs need to be scheduled a minimum of a week in advance.

These homes are already terrific investment properties, since their rents are high enough to guarantee significant return to the investor on an immediate basis! If you are buying the home for yourself as residence, arrangements would need to be made with current renters for transfer of occupancy, but most renters are on short-term leases which will make transition to ownership easily accomplished within 60 -90 days - about the time it takes to close a mortgage loan.

If you would like to tour a few of these homes, please go HERE and email us an inquiry. Or text or call direct to the Zillah Lakes Onsite Sales Team at 509-728-099 (Pat) or 206-391-4653 (Doug) to make an appointment.

Most of these homes were built and furnished, often with luxury appointments, for specific buyers who were unable during the housing meltdown, to acquire financing. The unit prices of the homes often reflect thousands of dollars of discounts from original purchase price, so they represent a great bargain for the right buyer!

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